2016 at Aquion Energy: A Year in Review

by Claire Juozitis

2016 is quickly drawing to a close, and what a year it's been!

It was an incredible year for the energy storage industry, with dramatic increases in market growth and megawatt-hours installed, as well as advances in the quality of technology and installations . On a smaller scale, it’s been a tremendous year for all of us at Aquion, too. We’ve had a number of key projects worldwide, awards, and other great happenings. We thought we’d take a break from the holiday hustle for a moment to reflect on our biggest achievements from 2016!

But first, to get a better picture of just how far we’ve come, let’s remember how it all started. Listen to our founder and chief scientist, Jay Whitacre, discuss what Aquion was all about in the very beginning:


And now, for our 2016 highlights: 

24-Volt Product Launch

One of our most notable accomplishments of 2016 was the release of our Aspen 24S— a 24-volt version of our batteries! It is designed for applications such as off-grid lighting (like our project at the Bangkok International Airport Sky Lane bicycle track in Thailand) and is an ideal drop-in replacement for existing lead acid systems.

Integrated Solutions Launched by Canadian and Australian Partners

This year two of our Aquion Global Partners designed integrated energy storage systems for plug-and-play, residential applications featuring our Aspen 48S batteries. Sentinel Solar released the AHI™ Wave ESS for homeowners in North America in September, and Fusion Power Systems announced their Titan SmartStorage in October! You can learn more about the systems and find out how to contact Sentinel Solar and Fusion here.

Plus, stay tuned! More integrated solutions from our global partners are coming soon…

Over 30 Mwh Manufactured

We’re proud of our unique chemistry and manufacturing process—  and now we can say we’re proud to have manufactured 36+ MWh of batteries at our local manufacturing facility in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania! Interested to see how an AHI™ battery is made? Check out this video!

More than 50 Trade Shows Attended

More than likely, if you’ve met someone on the Aquion team, it was at a trade show.  In 2016 we attended, presented, or 
exhibited at more than 50 different solar, energy storage, and other industry events around the world. If you didn’t catch us this year, there will be just as many opportunities (if not more) to say hello in 2017!


More than 60 Partners Worldwide

We’ve been working to grow our  Aquion Global Partner program. Now, we have more than 60 AGPs around the world. They’ve helped us install Aspen batteries on every continent!

Broke Ground on First Telecom Project

Our batteries are ideal for providing robust, reliable power to telecom towers, especially in remote areas of the world. So, it was a big deal when we broke ground on our first telecom energy storage project in Shanghai, China.  You can download our Project Spotlight to learn more.

Aquion Awards! 

This year we were fortunate to receive a number of recognitions, including the Rising Star Company title from the 2016 Platts Global Energy Awards, a Top Innovation Award from PV Magazine, and being named a Top 10 Sustainable Product for 2017 by BuildingGreen. We also helped Santa Clara University take home the gold in their sustainable tiny home competition!

We continued to see more and more off-grid and grid-tied residential systems, microgrids, and nanogrids installed with our batteries around the world. We also saw our online energy storage community grow larger than ever! Take a look back at our top blog posts from the year:

  1. Going Off the Grid: How Many Batteries Do You Need?
  2. Lead Acid Battery Replacement for Off-Grid Home
  3. Living Off the Grid in Northern California
  4. Santa Clara University Wins for Off-Grid Tiny Home with Aquion Batteries

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And that's a wrap! Thank you to everyone who helped to make 2016 a year full of productivity, positivity, and progress for Aquion. We're looking forward to an even more energized 2017! 

 And of course... 


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Claire Juozitis
Claire is a Digital Marketing Associate at Aquion Energy. She specializes in digital marketing & strategy for technology startups.
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