Aquion Saltwater Batteries to Be Featured in PBS Nova "Super Battery" Episode

by Claire Juozitis

David Pogue is here to show you how energy storage holds the keys to a greener future.

David Pogue and Jay Whitcare discussing renewable energy storage.

UPDATE: The "Search for the Super Battery" full episode is now available online! Watch here. 

If you’re not familiar with the program, PBS NOVA is a weekly science series about everything from “the latest breakthroughs in technology to the deepest mysteries of the natural world.” NOVA has been in production for over 30 years and reaches an audience of more than five million viewers in the United States every week!

NOVA has done specials on a wide variety of topics including ancient worlds, evolution, space and flight, and many more— but this week, the special is about energy storage! David Pogue, technology writer and TV presenter, hosts the episode and explores new battery technologies in his search for the “Super Battery.” David goes on a journey to show how better, cleaner, and less expensive batteries are needed to help combat climate change in ways such as powering electric cars and providing renewable energy storage. That’s where we come in!

While commonly used battery technologies like lithium-ion are reliant on limited resources and causing fires in people’s pockets, Aquion’s saltwater batteries provide a safer and cleaner alternative. David met with our founder and Chief Scientist, Jay Whitacre, to talk about (and taste) our unique Aqueous Hybrid Ion™ chemistry. The batteries only contain non-hazardous elements found abundantly on planet Earth and will not catch fire or explode like other batteries. (Don’t believe us? Watch us try to catch them on fire. And drill holes in them.) As we like to say: what’s inside matters.

Check out the trailer for the episode below, and don’t miss your chance to see our batteries on the small screen! NOVA’s “Search for the Super Battery” airs on PBS on February 1st at 9:00pm ET/PT (check your local listings).


Aquion saltwater batteries are the safest and cleanest in the world. Take a closer look at how we compare to lithium-ion technology. 

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Written by
Claire Juozitis
Claire is a Digital Marketing Associate at Aquion Energy. She specializes in digital marketing & strategy for technology startups.
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