The Aquion Blog: Advancing the Energy Storage Discussion

by Jonathan Matusky

Aquion BlogAt Aquion Energy, we believe in innovation, determination, and learning from our mistakes. We also believe in open, honest discussion and the ability this has to challenge the status quo and provoke new ideas.

With that in mind, we have decided to publish The Aquion Blog. Here we aim to promote and advance a discussion concerning the energy industry, renewable energy, and the promise of energy storage to significantly change the way the world produces, distributes, and consumes energy.

Follow our blog if you:

  • Need a better stationary energy storage solution: We feel your pain, and will use this blog as a platform for examining and evaluating new and incumbent energy storage options.

  • Are interested in the potential that energy storage has to make renewable energy feasible on a large scale: Though commonly discussed in the United States, renewable energy is increasing becoming a practical alternative for developing countries around the world. But reliable, affordable, and safe energy storage is needed to make this vision a reality.

  • Think the current grid infrastructure is outdated and need to adapt to a world of rapid population growth an a boom in personal electronics use: The term “Smart Grid” is commonly used in reference to the necessary changes to the energy infrastructure, and we’ll examine what this means and what the implications are.

  • Are looking to learn more about what energy storage can do for the grid: Want to learn the difference between peak shaving regulation? We’ll discuss the services batteries can offer the grid, and what this means for consumers.

  • Want to go green: We agree, and we think that you don’t just need green energy sources, you need green batteries too.

  • Have a general interest in anything involving entrepreneurship, innovation, or energy storage systems: In addition to a conversation about the energy industry and how to effectively integrate safe, reliable affordable energy storage into the mix, we will also periodically discuss our innovation process. We think commercializing materials science is massively challenging. We also think that there are some core principles that make things go faster and we want to share them and have them challenged.

Most of all, this blog is designed for our readers. If you’d like to hear about other topics, specific or general, let us know by posting a comment below!

Topics: Energy Storage, Materials Innovation

Written by
Jonathan Matusky
Business Development Associate



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