Building Green with Style: Aquion Home Battery System in Cincinnati, Ohio

by Claire Juozitis

Energy storage makes a lot of sense for homeowners. In fact, we’ve just started a blog series on a few of the reasons why.

To prove it further, we decided to write about a recent residential installation in Cincinnati, Ohio. When Casey Moothart and Kerith Spicknall set out to build a home for their family, one of their primary goals was building green. Essentially, they wanted every part of their home to be simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient.

Dovetail PV pic.jpgA view of their solar array, installed by Dovetail Solar. 

For the four-bedroom, 2,700 sq ft residence, this meant installing everything from a geothermal furnace, to low-flow showerheads, to solar panels. Another important decision was to incorporate a grid-tied energy storage system. The homeowners realized solar panels alone weren’t enough to optimize their renewable energy usage, even on perfectly sunny days. Since their peak electrical demand was at a different time of day than peak solar production, they needed a way store the excess solar power for when they really needed to use it (aka “peak shaving”). The solution: home batteries.

The Moothart family chose Aquion’s Aqueous Hybrid Ion batteries, installing 24 of our 48-volt batteries for their energy needs. The fact that Aquion batteries are sustainable and Cradle to Cradle Certified™ made them a natural choice for their green-building initiatives. However, there were other deciding factors, too: the batteries’ ability to achieve 100% depth of discharge and their inability to catch fire, explode, or leak toxic materials inside or near their home. Additionally, the Mootharts saw that Aquion batteries were cost-effective over their lifespan when compared to other battery technologies, especially since they require no maintenance, cooling systems, or other safety equipment.

aquion home batteries

Dovetail Solar with the Aquion home batteries.

The Mootharts were determined to build a home and lifestyle that would significantly reduce their carbon footprint without compromising the modern, minimalist style they wanted. It’s clear that they succeeded.

To learn more about how grid-tied energy storage systems work and how the Mootharts made the decision to install our home batteries, you can read their blog here. See photos of the finished home here.


Download our Project Spotlight for an example of another home using out batteries to maximize solar usage in Perth, Australia: 

perth australia project spotlight

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