Case Study: Off-Grid Telecom Towers with AHI Batteries

by Aaron Marks

When using your cell phone, how often do you think about the wireless network that makes it work? Without that wireless network, your cell phone is largely useless.

These wireless networks rely on cellular towers for connectivity. These cellular towers, of course, need electricity to function. Yet in many remote parts of the world, including rural parts of the U.S., there is no electrical grid to power them.

These towers often use a diesel generator for power. A better, emerging alternative is to use a solar/battery hybrid system.


A typical off-grid telecommunications tower.

Using our off-grid “Boxcar,” Aquion has demonstrated a real telecom application. The Boxcar operates off the grid, with lighting and a handful of appliances such as a refrigerator, HVAC, and a television. The Boxcar has been autonomous and operational since the summer of 2012. This system has operated in a wide range of conditions -- summer and winter weather, cloudy and sunny days, and various load profiles.

A look at the exterior of Aquion’s “Boxcar.”

The data we have collected shows that a solar/battery hybrid system like this can be a highly effective alternative to diesel generators.

Check out our free case study download, “Powering Off­-Grid Telecom Towers with Batteries and Solar Panels,” for more details and real data from our Boxcar setup!

telecom batteries white paper 

Topics: Off Grid

Written by
Aaron Marks
Aaron was a former marketing manager at Aquion.


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