In the News: December Highlights

by Claire Juozitis


As for everyone else, December was a thoughtful month for everyone at Aquion! We looked back at how far we've come this year and since our beginning in 2008, and examined the outlook of the energy storage industry. 

Here are our favorite blog posts from last month: 

And now, the news: 

Businesses, Markets and Innovation Can Beat Climate Change

Neil Leary - December 22, 2016
It may seem like a long shot, but this article argues that progressive businesses, rapidly growing markets, and innovation in the right areas can help our battle against climate change, and mentions Aquion as an example of a technology seeking to "decarbonize" the planet. 


Solar Power is Not Merely Least Expensive

CleanTechnica logo George Harvey - December 29, 2016
There has been a lot of chatter recently that solar and wind are becoming the least expensive energy options in many areas. This study also examines other benefits of the trend, like the decreasing costs of energy storage, like our Aspen batteries.


Utility Green Mountain Power Wants to Help Customers Go Off-Grid With Solar and Batteries

Image result for greentech media logo Jeff St. John - December 21, 2016
A major utility in Vermont, Green Mountain Power, has been helping their customers install solar panels and energy storage. Now, they are launching a first-of-its-kind "Off-Grid Package" which will feature Aquion batteries! 



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