In the News: September 2016 Highlights

by Claire Juozitis

Nanogrids, Microgrids, and Off-Grid, oh my! 

This month we were featured in various publications for our nanogrid project at the Illinois Institute of Technology and our partner release from Sentinel Solar of the AHI™ Wave ESS for residential applications. Take a look at the highlights we've collected here! 


Why a Nanogrid in a Microgrid: Aquion Energy

 Lisa Cohn on September 16, 2016
Our VP of Product Management, Matt Maroon, discusses what it means to have a nanogrid within a microgrid at our recent installation at IIT. 


Nanogrids and Microgrids are Keys to Decentralizing the Energy Infrastructure

energy manager today Carl Weinschenk on September 13, 2016 
Making the case for the rising trends in nanogrids and microgrids in a feature article for our IIT nanogrid project. 



Solar and Salt water Battery Storage Used to Create "Nanogrid" of Future

 Sophie Vorrath on September 13, 2016
Australian based online publication describes our recent installation at IIT as a "nanogrid of the future".


Sustainable Solution for Off-Grid Applications

 September/October 2016 Issue
Our 24 volt batteries, the Aspen 24S, were highlighted in the latest issue of North American Clean Energy as a solution to off-grid living. 


Sentinel Solar Unveils Plug-and-Play Residential Storage System

 James Blackman on September 12, 2016
Our Canadian partner, Sentinel Solar, released their new energy storage system for residential use featuring our batteries:  the AHI™ Wave ESS. 



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