Integrated Energy Storage System Installation in Rural Australia

by Claire Juozitis

Plug-and-play systems are making it easier and easier for homeowners to install energy storage. 

Titan Energy Storage, a subsidiary company of our partner, Fusion Power Systems, developed one of these integrated solutions specially with Aquion batteries for homes in Australia.  We recently heard from an installer in Australia about some homeowners who installed Fusion’s Titan SmartStorage for self-consumption and reliable backup power in case of grid power outages.

The homeowners live five kilometers outside of Emmaville: a small, rural town in New South Wales, Australia. They chose a grid-tied system incorporating two Titan SmartStorage systems (amounting to 15 kWh in energy storage), a 6 kW solar array, and a 6 kW OutBack Power inverter stack. This combination was designed to provide enough power for homeowners to run their refrigerator, dishwashers, spas, etc. without any trouble through the night. If they are running more appliances than normal or need to increase their usage, the system could seamlessly switch to grid power.

20161107_140305.jpgThe installed Titan SmartStorage systems at a rural home in NSW, Australia.

The homeowners and installers went to have their system approved and were told by Essential Energy, the entity responsible for operating and maintaining the electricity network in the region, that they would only be able to install a 3 kW grid-tied system. To work around this requirement, they configured the OutBack system to feed any excess solar energy back into the grid when their Titan SmartStorage systems are fully charged—limited to a peak export of three kilowatts. The homeowners were able to achieve optimal solar self-consumption this way.

Installing the Titan SmartStorage solution provided additional benefits beyond self-consumption. Living in a remote, rural area meant that blackouts were a regular occurrence for them, as is the case for many people living where grid power is weak or does not reach. As chance would have it, the night after the systems were installed, a large storm rolled through Emmaville. The power was out in the whole town for most of the night…but that wasn’t the case for these homeowners! They were the only ones with their lights on, and their installer told us one of the owners “made a point of turning every light on in the house that night so all his neighbours knew about the awesome system he just had installed.” Needless to say, this is one happy customer!

Integrated energy storage can make your life easier, and brighter.

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Written by
Claire Juozitis
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