Wireless Energy and Aquion Integrate AHI Energy Storage & SkyHybrid Telecom Solution

by Paul Ruggiero


PUERTO MONTT, Chile, March 30, 2015 – Wireless Energy is pleased to announce the completion of Stage I testing of Aquion Energy’s Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) technology with our flagship SkyHybrid telecom power solution in Patagonia, Chile. SkyHybrid is a modular hybrid power solution for remote sites that seamlessly integrates solar, wind and diesel energy sources to reduce outside plant operating costs to an absolute minimum. SkyHybrid embodies system design optimization from over 15 years of proven field experience in extreme environments such as the Atacama desert and Tierra del Fuego.

Aquion’s AHI batteries offer many benefits over traditional lead acid batteries, including longer system life in both deep discharge and partial state of charge applications, greater durability, lower maintenance costs, and increased sustainability.

Wireless Energy and Aquion Energy SkyHybrid Telecom installation

The AHI battery chemistry is optimal for any stationary, long-duration, daily cycling application, including off-grid and weak-grid microgrids, and residential solar. Especially compelling are those applications where traditional lead acid solutions are impractical due to cycle life limitations or maintenance costs: AHI batteries can handle long stands at a partial state of charge, 100% depth of discharge events, and continuous partial state of charge cycling without reducing cycle life, all of which significantly reduce the life of lead acid batteries.

Designed to operate without loss of performance or life at elevated temperatures (up to 40°C with a rolling 24-hour average), AHI batteries are much more reliable and economical than traditional lead acid batteries where for every 10 degrees greater than 25°C, lead acid battery life is halved. Finally, the AHI technology does not present any risk to the environment as it does not contain any hazardous materials or heavy metals, allowing for 100% recycling locally.

“With over 15 years of experience, we are very clear about the operational limitations of conventional storage technologies in remote industrial applications,” states Nelson Stevens, Founder and Director at Wireless Energy. “In many cases, lead acid batteries become more of a liability than a solution for the end user due to frequent replacements, increased logistical costs, recycling, etc. We believe the AHI technology will further enhance our SkyHybrid solution where we have taken PV and wind to an additional 20-25% energy yield over conventional technologies.”

“The AHI battery is capable of operating for years with no maintenance in extreme environments, which is ideal for the off-grid applications Wireless Energy has been powering for more than a decade,” said Scott Pearson, chief executive officer, Aquion Energy. “The AHI battery will enhance the SkyHybrid power solution with optimal long duration energy storage, bringing robust telecom operations to remote regions of South America.”

AHI batteries are a better option for telecom applications than lead acid. See how we stack up: 

lead acid battery performance


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Written by
Paul Ruggiero
Product Documentation Manager


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