Crowdfunded Energy Storage: Circuitree Cirrus with Saltwater Batteries

by Claire Juozitis

Integrated energy storage systems are the popular new toys on the market. 

These plug-and-play, standalone systems combine the various components of an energy storage system (batteries, inverters, controllers, etc.), making it easier for small businesses and homeowners to hit the ground running with solar energy storage. Our partners Sentinel Solar in North America and Fusion Power Systems in Australia have developed these kinds of solutions using our saltwater batteries, and so far they’ve been a hit.

Now, another smart battery solution is being developed to power homes in the United Kingdom, but with an interesting angle: it’s crowdfunded!Circuitree began funding their product, Circuitree Cirrus, on Crowdcube early this year. The Cirrus is a standalone energy storage system that incorporates our saltwater batteries. They are seeking to provide the 800,000+ solar homeowners in the UK with reliable, sustainable, on-demand energy. Installing the Circuitree Cirrus will enable homes and businesses to increase their solar self-consumption to 100%, which would provide up to 80% of a grid-tied home’s total electricity needs for the year in the UK.

circuitree cirrus with saltwater batteries
Cirrus retrofit schematic with Aquion saltwater batteries.

Most of the customers for Cirrus will likely be grid-tied, but the solution works well for off-grid applications, too! In Circuitree’s video pitch, Kate Brickell from Petworth Community Garden describes how the Cirrus solution now provides them with off-grid power where connecting to the grid wasn’t feasible. And, instead of us maintains the sustainability that they care about (instead of polluting diesel generators, for instance).  Circuitree shares this focus on clean, renewable solutions, which made our batteries the perfect fit for their system!

Solar is booming and corporate investments in energy storage were over $800 million last year. So, why crowdsource funding? It mostly has to do with the company’s philosophy. Says James Dean, CEO of Circuitree: “I believe that the energy problem isn’t just the responsibility of big corporates or governments--it actually belongs to all of us.” And it appears that many agree! While the initial fundraising target was set at £100,000, the idea is now well-overfunded at nearly £150,000. The funds will go toward product development and marketing activities to get Cirrus out in the world.

Congrats to the team at Circuitree for their efforts, and good luck! We look forward to being a part of your renewable energy vision for the future.

The crowdfunding is now closed, but you can learn more about Circuitree Cirrus in the video below and stay updated on their website.




Learn more about our safe, sustainable saltwater batteries and how they compare to lithium-ion technology. 

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Written by
Claire Juozitis
Claire is a Digital Marketing Associate at Aquion Energy. She specializes in digital marketing & strategy for technology startups.
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