Video: NRG's Station A Installs Safe Solar Batteries

by Claire Juozitis

Station A + Aspen Solar Batteries = A Sustainable Match

NRG’s Station A team is a  talented group of engineers, computational scientists, and business strategists that engineer and integrate clean Distributed Energy Resource (“DER”) solutions, develop new software analytics tools, and test new offerings through pilot projects.. Their goal is to shape NRG's next generation of clean, distributed power plants.

solar battery bank Station A
Aquion solar battery bank at Station A. 

Station A wanted to make their workplace a laboratory and showcase of their DER offerings, so they decided to install a solar-plus-energy-storage system for their office. The batteries they chose? Aquion Energy’s Aspen batteries! We recently sat down with Taylor Keep, Director of Engineering at Station A, to talk about their project with solar and our saltwater energy storage.

Taylor and the team at Station A designed their solar-plus-storage system to support a range of modes, including bill minimization, solar self-consumption, and grid-forming backup. They chose Aquion’s batteries primarily because of their safety and ability to do daily deep-cycling and meet their self-consumption needs. The 20kw solar array and 66kwh battery bank allow the Station A office to function without drawing from the grid for over 24 hours!

Learn more about why Station A chose our solar batteries in this new video:


For more information on Station A’s initiatives, you can visit their website.

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Download this Project Spotlight about our solar batteries at a in Puerto Rico. 

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Written by
Claire Juozitis
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