Why Microgrid Technology Matters

by Paul Ruggiero

Microgrids are more than just a cool concept. 

Last week, we talked about microgrids: what they are and how they are designed. Now let's take a look at why this technology matters. 
Adding energy storage to microgrids makes them--and the homes and businesses they service--more energy independent and resilient. O’Brien & Gere, an environmental engineering and services firm, summarizes the potential impact of small, local power grids on the aging power infrastructure of the United States.
Why Microgrid technology Matters

 See the batteries in the lower right corner, under the university?

Why Microgrids Matter zoom-in on batteries

Those batteries are already on lots of homes and small commercial buildings, too. Wherever they're installed, batteries increase the reliability and resilience of microgrids. And when the big grid does go down, energy storage can keep a microgrid's lights on.

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Our batteries are ideal for daily deep-cycling and have been deployed at a number of microgrids worldwide. Download one of our project spotlights to learn more: 


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Topics: Technology, Microgrids

Written by
Paul Ruggiero
Product Documentation Manager


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