Why Our Saltwater Batteries are Named After Aspen Trees

by Claire Juozitis

You know about Aquion because of our unique Aqueous Hybrid Ion technology.

Since this chemistry is so central to who we are, it became our company name: “Aquion” is a portmanteau of “aqueous” and “ion.” In the solar energy storage industry, we’re the company with the saltwater batteries.

So, you may be wondering... if our batteries are full of saltwater, then why are they named after a tree?

When we set out to choose a product name, our goal was to find a name that conveyed what our technology is all about in a broader sense. Early on in our creative thinking process, we were drawn to plants, trees in particular, for a number of reasons. We first liked the idea because of how tree leaves absorb sunlight for energy, which is very similar to how our batteries store energy produced by solar.

In addition to sunlight, trees need water and soil. Our clean, sustainable batteries are made from made from the same basic, earthy elements, like our saltwater electrolyte (which is a given) and manganese oxide (which is essentially dirt).

After deliberating several different tree species, “Aspen” felt right. Here’s why:

For starters, “Aquion Aspen Battery Series” had a nice ring to it. The name “Aspen” also brings an aspirational aspect by invoking connotations of Aspen, Colorado— a place known for its clean, crisp air and landscape as well as high-quality shopping and services.

Aspen trees in particular are also quite similar in form to our battery stacks— straight, tall, and stationary. They are sturdy and robust while withstanding weather and time.

iStock_69120691_LARGE.jpgAn Aspen forest. 

Most importantly, Aspen trees are green and sustainable. Aspens are one of the top five most common trees in North America. All of the components inside our batteries are found just as abundantly on the planet. Aquion batteries don’t grow on trees, but our simple, straightforward manufacturing process is almost as easy. It is estimated that there are more trees on Earth than there are stars in the galaxy-- a staggering three trillion. While our manufacturing isn’t quite at that scale, we are on a mission to supply the world with our safe and sustainable batteries.

Like any tree or plant species, our batteries can do a lot of good in their useful lives. They can’t produce the air you breathe, but the Aspen battery series will help transition the planet to fully using renewable energy, by storing solar power in an environmentally friendly way and eliminating all of the hazards of other battery chemistries.

Additionally, once they are no longer living, trees decompose right into the earth. In a similar vein, Aspen batteries can be recycled or incorporated into normal waste streams. Aspen saltwater batteries are the only batteries in the world to be Cradle to Cradle Certified™, meaning they are not harmful to humans or the environment at any point before, during, or after their use.

Naming our saltwater batteries after trees really does make sense now, doesn’t it?


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Written by
Claire Juozitis
Claire is a Digital Marketing Associate at Aquion Energy. She specializes in digital marketing & strategy for technology startups.
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